Chemical & Pharma


Italy is historically one of the largest producers of active ingredients in the world (and accounts for 11% of total production). The Italian pharmaceutical raw materials industry is mainly concentrated on the production of active ingredients, which represent about 85% of total turnover.

A significant portion of the production of the sector is destined for export and in particular one of the destination countries that absorbs a greater share of exports is North America, reflecting the fact that the Italian active ingredients industry has consolidated over time a position of qualified supplier for the most demanding markets in terms of product quality, thanks to its strengths that guarantee its reliability.

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Competitive Advantage

  • with a turnover of about € 52 billion in 2016 Italy represents the third main producer of chemicals in Europe. Almost 3 thousand companies are active in the sector employing about 108 thousand people. Being a country with a strong industrial basis, Italy represents a large market for chemicals accounting for about € 59 billion.
  • Italy is the leading producer of pharmaceuticals in the European Union. With € 31.2 billion the value of our production exceeds that of Germany and the other major EU countries
  • From 2007 to 2017 pharma export in Italy has grown (+107%) more than all big Eu countries and more than big European countries’ average