Market Survey Notice

Travel Agency Notice

Selection of economic operators to be invited to tender for amounts below the community threshold,
to be carried out pursuant to art. 7, paragraph C.2, let. b) DM192/2017 of Legislative Decree and
ancillary assistance services, in favor of the Italian Trade Agency – Agency of Mumbai, India for 24

Pursuant to art. 36, paragraph 2, let. b) of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and s.m., in conjunction with
Guidelines n. 4, issued by the ANAC in implementation of Legislative Decree 18 April 2016, n. 50,
containing “Procedures for the awarding of public contracts for months below the thresholds of
Community relevance, market surveys and training and management of lists of economic operators”
(Resolution No. 1097 of 26 October 2016), and as regards D.Lgs. 19 April 2017m n.56, it is
announced that the ICE-Mumbai Agency intends to initiate a negotiated procedure for the
acquisition of the service in question, proceeding with the preliminary identification of economic
operators – based in India – interested in participating to the procedure that are in possession of the
general requirements and professional competence, as per articles 80 and 83 of Legislative Decree 50/2016.

The service object of the agreement consists in the reservation and supply of:
    - airline tickets for national / international routes;
    - train tickets for national / international routes;
    - tickets for other means of transport for national / international routes;
    - hotel reservation in India and abroad;
    - planning, organization and supply of travel packages (travel and accommodation, travel
      with all-inclusive formula) in India and abroad, individual or group, responding to specific
      needs that will be reported from time to time by ITA;
   - management of agreements with airlines, railway companies, hotel chains, car rentals, etc.;
   - possibility of changing bookings and issuing new bookings and / or tickets when necessary;
   - solution of unforeseen problems (for example a strike, a delay, a cancelled flight, an
     unregistered hotel reservation, etc.);
   - collaboration in organizing travel for delegations representing ITA abroad and mutual

All the services described above will be commissioned by completing a “service request order”, by
the ITC director.

The agency entrusted with the service will have to commit:

  1. to deliver any travel or hotel ticket commissioned from the ITA offices or where specifically requested, in India and abroad;
  2. to respect the agreed delivery times;
  3. to satisfy ITA requests as soon as possible, considering the nature of the request and the technical times associated with it;
  4. to guarantee, for the execution of the service, its own personnel of proven reliability and      competence, at complete disposal during the requested times, in possession of the technical and professional requisites and with an experience in the sector of at least three years. ITA reserves the right to highlight any unsuitable personnel;
  5. to apply from time to time the most advantageous rates compared to the market rates on      travel and hotel tickets compared to those quoted by the GDS (Global Distribution System)  according to the class, providing the appropriate advice;
  6. to use as much as possible, the tariffs obtained by agreements between the carriers and      the ITA and to ensure however, the search and use of the most convenient ones according  to the most favourable route;
  7. to guarantee an efficient and transparent policy on cancellations and related charges and    reimbursements;

The duration of the agreement is two years from the signing of the contract, verified the participation

This notice will be published on the website of this contracting authority for a period of 15 days
starting from the day following the date of publication. Please confirm your participation to bid for
this tender by sending us an email with your company profile to by the 31st August
2020 before 5:00pm.

The expected level of spending in the two-year contract is about Rs. 12.000.000,00 for required
services and Rs. 100.000,00 for agency fees (annually net of statutory taxes), and corresponds to
the total amount of travel documents, hotel vouchers and accessory services reimbursed by ITA.
However, the ITA is not bound to guarantee the levels of expenditure indicated because the use of
the service by external parties and ITA personnel is conditioned by factors that prevent their precise
definition. Therefore, the level of actual expenditure related to the period considered may increase
of decrease, considering both the real needs of travel and the actual availability of the budget.
Therefore, no compensation is foreseen if the annual expenditure does not reach the amount
indicated or exceeds it.

The payment will be made within 30 days on submission of appropriate invoice to the Mumbai
Office as per the standards of the ITA requirement.

The request for participation does not lead to the Administration any specific obligation regarding
the continuation of the negotiation.

The tender information and bidding instructions will be then sent to you on the 1 September 2020.

Signed by

Dr. Fabrizio Giustarini

Italian Trade Commissioner