Business Environment

The country has radically improved its business environment, which builds upon several bold government reforms and the Italian business dynamism. Thanks to the improved competitiveness, Italy has been welcoming more and more investors.

The Italian production structure is made up of many small and medium-sized enterprises. The different realities of excellence are both at the level of a single company and of productive districts.

Over the last decade, Italian companies have been innovating, modernizing and creating new specializations, making Italy one of Europe’s champions in export trade. Building upon its highly competitive and innovative industry, with export growing 7.4% in 2017, Italy is the 9th largest exporter in the world, selling goods totalling € 448 Billion (2.9% worldwide market share – as of Oct. 2017) and maintaining one of the few export trade surpluses for goods (€ 47.8 Billion in 2017) of developed countries.

The number companies interested in exports is also significant. In 2017 there were 216,000 exporting companies in Italy, more than 20,000 more than those surveyed in 2016. With an increase especially for medium and large companies. The average exported value has also increased over the last five years.

In recent years, the degree of external openness of the Italian economy, which had been lowered by the impact of the crisis, has returned to increase particularly as regards the weight of foreign direct investments.

Business Environment