ITA Companies at Globe Forum 2024


Come learn for yourself why Italians are passionate about sustainability! Meet 8 companies at the Italian official pavilion in the Globe Forum 2024, powered by ITA


The Italian pavilion organized by the Italian trade agency (ITA) hosts eight Italian companies coming to Canada in order to share a regenerative and sustainable experience together with many actors from Canada and abroad. 

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BIOGASMETANO is an Italian company able to promote technologies capable of purifying the Biogas to feed cogenerations, boilers or transforming Biogas in Biomethane suitable for the domestic network or for the automotive sector.  BIOGASMETANO is a lean company able to create “tailor made” products and specialized components that are placed above the technical capacity of the artisan companies and below the target of interest of big companies aimed to realize series products.

These products are linked to the traditional sector of biogas treatment and combustion for the purposes of cogeneration and more recently addressed to the upgrading of biogas in biomethane RNG:

Biogas drying and cleaning systems that serve to limit the negative effects of moisture present in the biogas which causes corrosion and reduced performance. These helpful elements for cogeneration groups are even more required in the Biomethane Upgrading sector, having to achieve much higher final quality.

Biogas Combustion Flares are a mandatory safety element for biogas plants to burn excess biogas or in the event of plant shutdown where, according to local regulations, they must also ensure the reduction of contaminating emissions.

Biogas to Biomethane systems The growing trend towards higher natural gas prices and demand for renewable energy has created strong demand for equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane, so we have utilized our knowledge to perform solutions addressed to EPC companies involved in RNG projects.



The company is located in Bergamo is a city in the alpine Lombardy region of northern Italy, approximately 40 km (25 mi) northeast of Milan, and it is very close to the alpine lakes Como.  RECYCLING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & COMPANIES: Butti is specialized in manufacturing Recycling, Materials Handling, Construction Equipment. With more than 35 years of experience in this field, we have succeeded in transmitting through the world our branding, our spirit of innovation.

Today, our reach extends across many countries, spread over 5 continents.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Butti facilities is focused on the development of new innovations to expand sustainable and intelligent solutions, primarily equipment for recyclers and not only.We are applied with qualified skilled technicians to deploy innovative solutions and to provide qualified assistance to our customers. We’re also able to conceive, design and supply custom-made.




EasyRFID is a team of highly specialized people designing and producing UHF and NFC/HF label tags, and providing turnkey RFID systems and their integration. Every solution is taylormade and aims to make RFID technology implementation and management simple and economical.  For years, EasyRFID has been cooperating with industry leaders of the waste management sector, both as RFID tag supplier and labeling system integrator, and is highly specialized in Pay As You Throw system design (PAYT).  In fact, identification technologies fit perfectly into the context of waste taxation and their use is exponentially growing, so much that during the years waste management became EasyRFID main sector of business.  EasyRFID also provides a web platform, whose design is based on waste management sector needs. The platform is accessible to every participant to the subsector of the garbage: from the RFID tag producer to container manufacturer, from the administrations to the citizens. Obviously, each one has access to their own data and to the history of transactions of their containers. In particular, it is an interesting tool for the citizen, who can see the tax amount they are to be charged and require the certification of collection of their waste. The huge quantity of data collected through this system and their analysis allows them to generate statistics to better the waste management service quality.   Compared to other identification systems, RFID technology has a great advantage: it allows tracking and tracing of the whole journey of the waste, and in a unique, non-counterfeitable and automatic way at that. Basically, in waste management systems with RFID technology every container, whether it be a bag or a bin, must have a RFID tag applied on. Every RFID tag has a microchip that can retain information and has a native read-only unique code; these codes are uniquely associated with citizens and companies at the moment of distribution. Usually, the type of waste that is tracked is the one whose use is to be reduced; therefore, mixed waste and plastic waste are most commonly tracked. At the moment of garbage collection, the tag on the container is automatically read and collection recorded instantly by the reading system the truck or the operator are equipped with. Eventually, tax amount is updated real-time. RFID technology is at the core of PAYT systems – Pay As You Throw – which are fundamental to meet guidelines of the green economy and are built around the idea of paying only for what is produced and disposed of. Benefits of these type of systems are beyond the mere economic saving of citizens and companies; in fact, a win-win situation is created: other than money saving of the ones that reduce waste production, administrations and governments cut the cost of mixed waste disposal – landfill and incineration, while obtaining high-quality separated waste.



ECO-TECHNO is the leading manufacturer of vacuum evaporators and concentrators for industrial wastewater treatment. Our in-house production follows high quality standards and the use of the best construction materials. The range of our solutions covers all types of evaporation technology: heat pumps, thermal evaporators, mechanical vapor recompression, concentrators and crystallizers.

In most industrial sectors there is a production of “unwanted” wastewater representing a serious and urgent problem for the environment. Eco-Techno produces customized vacuum evaporators to allow the reuse of water and the reduction of disposal costs. More than 3.500 Evaporators installed worldwide are proof that Eco-Techno’s technologies represent the best solution to reach the Zero Liquid Discharge.


Fornovo Logo

Fornovo Gas SPA prides itself on its extensive 50-year experience in manufacturing reciprocating compressors for various gasses, including CNG, biogas, biomethane and technical gasses. We adhere to engineering excellence standards and stand among the leaders in the industry globally, with the installation of over 2,500 compressor units in the harshest atmospheric and structural conditions worldwide.

Our commitment to excellence has driven us to continually enhance our relationships with industry partners and broaden our range of compressors. In Canada, we are pleased to have forged an exclusive strategic partnership with Applied Compression Systems (ACS) based in Cranbrook, BC. The management of ACS boasts an impressive collective experience of over 120 years in designing and manufacturing custom compression packages, successfully delivering over 800 custom packages worldwide. The collaboration between Fornovo Gas and ACS capitalizes on our combined expertise to identify the ideal compressor and custom package configuration for virtually any project. As part of Fornovo Gas’ efforts to expand its compressor range, we have developed the innovative double-distance piece cylinder, which offers exceptional technical performance and process versatility.

Our cutting-edge research and development efforts have led to the introduction of advanced sealing systems specifically designed for high-pressure compression of various gases, including hydrogen. These sealing systems ensure the highest levels of purity while minimizing both lubrication and contamination.

At Fornovo Gas SPA, we are not only committed to engineering excellence but also to environmental sustainability and community betterment. These principles are the foundation of our company’s values.


Qwarzo Logo

Qwarzo is an innovative company working on a new generation of high-performance materials with advanced, nature-based sustainability characteristics that are the result of more than 20 years of scientific research and process development.

Its flagship product, Qwarzo®, is a silica-based coating, plastic and microplastic free, that can be used to replace plastics and plastic films on paper, fabric, metal, etc, enhancing the substrates performances with no compromises on the recyclability of the final product.  

With its technology platform, it aims to become the new design standard, driving Industry to the ecological transition, enabling a sustainable packaging switch both a plastic free pioneer and an alternative to fossil-derived materials.

This versatility provides an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to plastic on various applications such as reel and sheet coating, paper die cutting and thermoforming.

Qwarzo® is a disruptive, patented and safe technology, certified by accredited international institutes to meet and exceed stringent regulatory requirements and validated by major brands.

The Global strategy on single-use plastics and packaging, now requires dutiful and bold choices to remain competitive and compliant in the circular economy: Qwarzo is the change maker enabling industries to transition to a plastic-free future.

7. WARMSET by Filmcutter spa

Warmset Logo

Dynamic and innovative, Warmset was founded with the goal of offering a new solution in the field of electric heating systems for homes and other facilities.

Warmset products are made of select materials and the structure of the multilayer laminated ribbon - the outcome of meticulous tests - provides particular advantages. In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset also offers snow melt applications for the outdoors, radiators, workstation heating, industrial heaters and heating for events and other recreational activities.

Warmset's electric underfloor heating is a unique technology that ensures better heat distribution than a system with a circular heating cable.

Thanks to its flat geometry that offers a very high bio-cheating surface and to the reduced distance of the heating elements, the Warmset technology requires less power from the system, thus allowing it to save electricity.

The peculiar element of this heating system is the multilayer laminated ribbon, patented by Warmset. Sturdy and durable, it is easy to handle, less prone to damage during the installation process and requires no future maintenance.


Xori Logo

Xori Group is an operational holding company that integrates specialized companies in engineering, architecture, energy, and consulting. It creates tangible value for clients by developing services with concrete economic, environmental, and social impacts. The focus is on research and development, investing in innovation to follow the latest technological trends.

Xori Group innovates through: adopting BEMS (Building Energy Management System), using BIM (Building Information Modeling), developing monitoring systems and reverse data analysis models, adopting facilities for the use of renewable energy sources (RES), applying MEC (Minimum Environmental Criteria), developing energy communities, self-consumption groups, agrivoltaics, integrated models for smart cities, using hydrogen as an alternative to methane gas and electricity in civil air conditioning.

Furthermore, Xori Group is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for sustainable urban regeneration, targeting public administrations, developers, and real estate investors. This system analyzes large amounts of complex data by associating them with a digital twin of the analyzed reality, simulating the impacts of urban regeneration plans and projects with predictive models. The digital twin optimizes the management of buildings and urban systems, with particular attention to creating Renewable Energy Communities and Positive Energy Districts, using AI to define the optimal aggregation of buildings, areas, and stakeholders.


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