These Guidelines summarize the current registration and management procedures of the Suppliers register established at the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Office.

They are inspired by the contents of the Guidelines nr. 4 about the implementation of the Italian Legislative Decree of 18 April 2016 nr. 50 approved by the National Anti-corruption Authority with resolution 1097 of October 26, 2016, which also refer to the formation and management of the lists of economic operators.


Each Israeli economic operator willing to participate and bid to tenders issued by the Italian trade Agency – Tel Aviv Branch must follow the requirements included in the present Guidelines.


  1. Parties concerned.

Economic operators admitted in participating in the procedures to bid to tenders are those established in accordance with the Israeli Legislation in force in Israel. They can be:

  1. company (hevra);
  2. group of companies (kvuza shel havarot);
  3. individual entrepreneurs (ossek murshe/ ossek zahir);
  4. corporations (konzern/ taagid).

All of them must comply to rules stated in clause n. 3


  1. Structure of suppliers' register.

Suppliers' register is organized in 6 different product sections

  1. services
  2. exhibition set up organizations and related services providers;
  3. office equipment/ office furniture suppliers;
  4. stationary suppliers;
  5. maintenance service providers;
  6. account/ legal/ technical assistance service providers.

Each applicant may apply only to a maximum of 2 product sections.


  1. Requirements to be part of the suppliers' register.

Each economic operator willing to participate in the Italian Trade Agency – Tel Aviv Branch tenders must:

  1. be registered under the Israeli Law as a juridical subject among those stated in clause 1;
  2. have a fiscal position;
  3. not ever be declared bankrupted;
  4. comply to social and labour national collective agreements;


  1. Guidelines to apply to suppliers' register.

Each economic operator, in order to be invited to bid, agrees to apply to suppliers' register regulations presenting all required documents stated in clause 5.


In order to apply, Application forms provided at the link at the end of these Guidelines (or click here to download) will be sent via email to the email address or brought in person to the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch – Daniel Frish 3 Tel Aviv.


All applications are NOT confirmed until reviewed by the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch. The Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch will confirm to appliers their valid application in writing.


  1. Documents required:
    1. application to be enlisted in the Italian Trade Agency – Tel Aviv Branch suppliers' register duly signed and stamped by company's legal representative (click here to download);
    2. copy of identification document of legal representative of company applying to register;
    3. copy of document of company registration;
    4. copy of document of fiscal position;
    5. at least 2 letters of reference of past clients or proofs of evidence of past collaborations with clients.


  1. Reviewing times and procedure of applications.

Applications will be reviewed within 30 working days upon reception of all documents requested under clause 5. During time of reviewing, economic operators will be invited under ad hoc evaluation of requirements.


  1. Obligations of registered suppliers related to information updates.

All changes or modifications of the conditions/ requirements stated in clause 3, must be updated in written to the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch within 30 days of change/ modification of requirements. 


  1. Suppliers' register annual update.

The Italian Trade Agency – Tel Aviv Branch updates its suppliers' register once a year by requesting to each of the juridical subject hereto registered all papers submitted in the occasion of the application to the suppliers' register.


Furthermore, they must have received an average evaluation of at least 3 points for its services with the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch during the last year to be confirmed in the register.


  1. Evaluation of suppliers' activity.

Each service or good ordered under the regulations of the present guidelines will be evaluated by the Staff at the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch on a scale from 1 (very unsatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) according to parameters such as overall quality of goods, overall quality of services, timing of delivery of goods and/or services, flexibility in adjusting to requests from the Italian Trade Agency staff.


  1. Suspension of application.

The effectiveness of the registration in the Suppliers' Register is suspended for a period of time, not less than six months and not more than one year, if the supplier reports an average rating of less than 3.


The suspension can be arranged even when there is an omission to communicate the changes concerning the information contained in the company registry, if the supplier has a legal and / or arbitral proceedings in progress with the Agency or if the supplier is guilty of delays in deliveries, negative inspections, temporarily fails to fulfill one of the obligations provided for in the execution of the contract entrusted to him.


The suspension provision is adopted by the Director of the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch (Trade Commissioner) and may be revoked at the end of the period of time indicated in the suspension communication, when the interested party provides documented evidence that the conditions that led to its adoption have lapsed or it can be turned into cancellation, when it is established that these conditions have not lapsed.

The suspension will be communicated to the interested party via email.


  1. Cancellation of application.

The cancellation from the Suppliers Register is arranged if the registered supplier is:

  1. not fulfilling to one of the situations reported in the art.3 of these Guidelines;
  2. in the presence of assessments that do not reach level 3, referring to more than one supply / service;
  3. if the registered subject has already undergone a suspension measure that has not been revoked or has reported at least 3 suspension measures over a 3-year period;
  4. is guilty of repeated breaches of contract;
  5. manifested and persistent disinterest in contracting (failure to respond, not motivated, to at least three requests for an estimate in a two-year period);
  6. if it has not given feedback for two years to the requested annual update;
  7. verified loss of access requirements after registration.


The cancellation will be communicated to the interested party via email, in cases a. to e.; no communication will be given in reference to cases 6 and 7.


The cancellation order is adopted by the Director of the Italian Trade Agency – Tel Aviv Branch (Trade Commissioner)


  1. Procedures to bidding and rotation criteria for economic operators.

Economic operators will participate in bidding to tenders both upon express invitation or answering a public notice published on the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch web site and its social network profiles (twitter and facebook).


  1. Personal Data protection. All companies' data will be treated according to Israeli Regulation "Protection of Privacy Regulations (Data Security) 5777-2017".


  1. Final Provision.

All registered suppliers will be duly and timely informed via email by the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch about any change that may occur to these Guidelines.


Any further enquires to be addressed to the Italian Trade Agency Tel Aviv Branch via email at

Download Application form for the suppliers' register of ITA Tel Aviv here