Behind the scenes of SpaceX launch: a growing sector

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Due to the bad weather, SpaceX launch has been postponed to Saturday at 3:22 p.m. ET but despite that, all the world has followed this event with extreme interest and curiosity: it has been the first time NASA launched their astronauts in collaboration with SpaceX and the first time since 2011, that NASA launched their team.

Behind this unique event, followed worldwide by more than 200M people, there is a sector with revenues growing more than 2% y.o.y. since 2012[1], which sees some countries leading this market as U.S.A., United Kingdom, India, China, Japan and Italy.

Italy is the 4th country in Europe and 7th worldwide for revenues generated, thanks also to €1.7 B invested in R&D. In Italy this sector accounts for more than 500 companies, employing more than 45,000 workers. Universities and research centres play a crucial role: 30 universities are involved in courses and programs dedicated to student’s formation and training.

The Italian aerospace sector is made by either leading manufacturers or small to medium-sized sub-suppliers of high-tech products organised in order to assure the matching with the industry’s high-level technological quality standards. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Italy is the 6th leading global space power overall, with total space industry revenue amounting to €2.23 billion in 2018.

The Italian National Aerospace Technology Cluster (CTNA), comprises industry districts in 11 regions of the country (Piedmont, Lazio, Lombardy, Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Sardinia), along with three national research institutes, two industries and the national aerospace industry association.

You can download the full report here ITA | Aerospace 2020 in Italy

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[1] 2018 Global aerospace and defence industry financial performance study