January - April 2020

The Italian Trade Agency is looking after a promotional project across the UK on behalf of renowned Italian food and wine producers who represent a range of products, from sparkling and still wines to cheese and other dairy products to olive oil.

The project aims to promote quality Italian wines and food with a certification of geographical indication and bring consumers closer to the Italian and English wine and food world.  We invite all the restaurateurs and bar managers in the UK to take part and enjoy the fusion of cultures and tastes. By calling on the valuable collaboration with restaurants and bars, we ultimately aim to raise awareness of these quality Italian products amongst the consumers.

The promotion can last up to two weeks. Restaurants, for instance, can combine ingredients into an existing menu, create a new one and/or new pairings, whilst trendy locations/pub/cocktail bars, could organise “Happy hours” and create timeless yet innovative drinks and pair them with food.

For more information on the project and how to take part, please write to

Antonietta Kelly

Senior Trade Analyst - Agrifood Sector