The Italian start-up ISCLEANAIR has developed the APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology, all “Made in Italy” and the first in the world in the Cleantech sector. APA is the first technological innovation in the world that does not use filters, and it is based on the simple use of water. APA can be applied individually or distributed at ground level, effectively reducing the harmful pollutants present in the air we all breathe.

ISCLEANAIR has invested heavily in APA technology, developing a solution that is radically different from all the others, extensively applicable and substantially innovative when compared to the existing ones. APA creates a better quality of the ambient air, both indoors and outdoors. Numerous laboratory and field tests and analyses, certified by independent third parties (universities, research institutes, foundations and consumer associations, certification companies, etc.), have confirmed that APA technology effectively captures and eliminates PM (unique in the world also effective on nano - powders), heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, light hydrocarbons, NOx and SOx, CO and CO2, Ozone, pollen, spores, industrial pollutants, viruses and bacteria. The certifications issued by the "Istituto Motori - National Research Council - CNR - IM" and by RINA Services also shows that APA reduces PM with dimensions starting from 20 nm (PM 0.02), even smaller than the dimensions of the SARS-COV-2 which causes the spread of COVID - 19. In other words, APA is capable of simultaneously breaking down both particles and chemical pollutants and reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria. This peculiar feature is also allowed to receive certification from the Italian Ministry of Health as a first level medical device, and enriches the technological assets of APA (BAT - Best Available Technology in compliance with the EU IPCC Directive 2008/1 / EC) which already has extensive technological know-how and more than 30 inventions and patents granted in Europe and internationally.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the singular and particular experience of the recent “lockdowns” have profoundly influenced the business development process of ISCLEANAIR. The Italian start-up, in fact, alongside ordinary business activities is working to implement a revolutionary methodology according to which the water, used for air filtration, can be sampled and analysed daily, and used to promptly and effectively detect the presence of Coronavirus and similar and dangerous viruses in the areas of use. Thus, supporting in the identification of risky situations, and contain and avoid the spread of possible epidemics in indoor spaces and environments (e.g. schools, universities, care homes, offices, etc.).

Therefore, ISCLEANAIR proposes a short-term strategy focused on playing a key role in the mitigation of pandemic developments, while continuing to propose a cost-effective solution to a problem, air pollution, that has long existed and has a significant impact. Air pollution, in fact, is “a silent killer” which causes more than 9 million premature deaths worldwide every year, productivity losses, health effects and numerous diseases. Also, the so-called "cost of inaction", the costs of not intervening, for Italy alone, are estimated to approximately 100 billion euros per year (Source: OECD 2015, for the whole of Europe estimated at approximately 1.6 trillion euros per year).

More importantly, for the Air Quality sector, legislative proposals and programs on this subject are increasingly numerous and worldwide, including those contained in the "Clean Air Package" of the "Clean Air for Europe" program: Green Deal, Zero-Pollution Ambition Plan; Action plan for the circular economy; Environmental and social governance, climate change.

Furthermore, thanks to the financial support of the Italian MISE as part of the Sustainable Growth Fund Program - FCS 2019, ISCLEANAIR has recently been awarded a grant for the development of building solutions, following the innovative concept of “Nearly Zero Air Pollution Building - NeZAPoB”. This, aiming at the creation of solutions for specific verticalization of APA technology for crowded areas with a high density of people, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, railways, rest and refueling areas, shopping centers, etc..

In September 2020, a three-month project was launched towards the English market. ISCLEANAIR benefited from the activities of a Master student on the subject of internationalization. Furthermore, through the support of the ICE (Italian Trade Agency) offices in London, a general business development plan was launched in the related market through participation in the T-TRIG Program (Transport-technology research innovation grants), an Open Call of the British government which provides the financing of technologies that make the public transport sector less exposed to the risk of contagion from Coronavirus, not only for the vehicles themselves but also for service users (the different categories of "users" - workers, commuters, employees of public offices / private).

ICE London has agreed to be part of the program, therefore, as a place where ISCLEANAIR will be able to carry out the test phases of the APA systems specifically designed to be used within office environments.

In addition, in order to maximize the collaboration of the Italian startup with Italian entities based in London, it was decided to propose a collaboration project to the Italian Embassy. The possible new collaboration aims at the development of further tests on APA - Interior Design devices, the development of an advertising campaign that promotes this new approach to the pandemic and make available safer spaces with a low risk of contagion for the Embassy staff.

The company will also benefit from the support of ICE as part of the "Global Startup Program 2020". ISCLEANAIR was selected First in the ranking of the recent dedicated public call, to develop an integrated path abroad, which was reserved for only few selected Italian innovative startups committed in the creation and promotion of technological innovations, products or services, which intend also to strengthen their technical, organizational and financial skills to face new markets and opportunities for international growth.

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