“Smart & Start Italy”: The most generous incentive scheme for start-ups in the world?

Italy is not a country you would think needs to incentivise start-ups, it has one of the strongest SME economies in the world, is the 4th largest manufacturing exporter in the world and its pharmaceuticals industry is the largest in Europe.

However, despite these strengths, it also has one of the strongest schemes for start-ups with technology, research spin-off or digital element.

Under the “Smart & Start Italia" scheme SMEs (small-sized innovative start-ups which are less than 5 years old -60 months [1]) can claim interest-free loans of up to 80% of relevant costs for projects between €100k and €1.5m. The money can be borrowed in instalments over 24 months and then paid back over a 10 year period.

This scheme, managed by Invitalia is highly relevant to #fintech, #ecommerce, #life science, #technology and #biotech #start-ups and can be a big help with #fundraising. 

One investor we dealt with said, “this is probably the most generous government incentive scheme for start-ups in the world”.

If you want to talk to the Italian Trade Agency about Smart&Start Italia status for your company, please get in touch with either p.thompson.contr@ice.it or p.mori.contr@ice.it.

With more than 700 different types of incentives for all different type of company, Italy is a very business-friendly environment!



[1]  https://www.mise.gov.it/index.php/en/202-news-english/2033818-italy-a-smart-choice-for-innovative-startups