EUFOTON was founded on the 17th May 1999 in Trieste thanks to the understanding of a surgeon, expert of laser surgery and laser therapy, and two engineers expert in the field of micro optics and semiconductors.
The aim of the group was to study, design, produce and distribute the most innovative medical diode laser that the technology of that time could support, worldwide.

These lasers consist of semiconductors (Gallium arsenide), which do not wear down, do not need constant maintenance, do not show high consumption of active materials and are much more innovative compared to their predecessors, which were mostly gas tube or crystal diodes.

Since its foundation EUFOTON has put strong emphasis on launching new laser devices into various medical disciplines thanks to a continuous activity of education and communication.
Eufoton positions its brand on the first places on the national and international market of portable diode lasers. This success is for sure also the result of the quality that EUFOTON lasers offer from the maintenance and applicative point of view.

EUFOTON diodes aim to the majority of the medical specialties: Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Neurosurfery, Stomatology, Veterinary Medicine.

EUFOTON contributes to the success of the medical doctor with constant training courses, workshops and online updates.

Theoretical-practical courses to the introduction of the technology for the neophyte are feasible for small groups of doctors or ad personam; another added value to take into consideration is the post-sales support provided by different marketing tools dedicated to the single medical centre and to the offered treatments.

The company is currently selling its products on the Italian market and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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between 0.5 and 2.5 million USD

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Export turnover:

From 750.000 to 2.5 million Euro



Trial research and development in the bio-technological field

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The gold standard for the treatment of superficial and vascular lesions, pigmented stains, acne, semi-ablative fractional rejuvenation.

A multidisciplinar device for a wide-ranging use in dermoesthetic, hair-removal, photorejuvenation, microlyposculture, endovascular surgery.

The advantages of LASEmaR® 1500 are: Multifunctionality: changing its handpieces and preset protocols, the laser is immediately usable for al the different treatments. Absolute portability: thanks to the smart trolley. Software: all the treatments are preset and adjustable thanks to the easy and intuitive software. Security: the software permits to set the target parametres, warning the operator of its achievement with different voiced feedbacks, without the necessity of diverting the attention from the patient. Self diagnosis: principal circuits are continuously supervised from a security system, which informs the operator of the eventual anomalies and whenever it is necessary, it stops automatically the emission. -Ordinary maintenance is not necessary and there is no need of consumption materials. Working capacity of different hours per day without any problem of overheating.

Spectrum® is the latest Eufoton platform based on multi-laser technology which satisfies the different needs for multiple disciplines.

With the innovative Dual Boost® technology, Spectrum® allows to treat transdermally vascular lesions (telangectasias) in a much more efficient way than the traditional use of a single wavelength. Dual Boost® permits the combined use of the green light 532nm, more selective for the oxy-hemoglobin, and the infrared light 808/940nm, mainly absorbed by the methemoglobin. The two wavelengths are delivered simultaneously and sequentially in the same handpiece, generating a much more selective photothermolysis.