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APE Research (Applied Physics and Engineering Research) is an high-tech company specialised in the production of advanced instrumentation in the field of NanoTechnologies . Our Mission: To design, develop and produce: advanced microscopy and spectroscopy instrumentation, nano-technology-based instrumentation for Universities and research centres in Material Science, Biology,Chemistry, Medicine. Our Technology: SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPES. -SNOM (scanning near field optical microscope) resolutions of up to 10 nanometers. -AFM (atomic force microscope) resolutions of up to 200 picometers, makes it possible to obtain images of DNA, cells, small molecules, polymer. -STM (scanning tunneling microscope) resolutions of up to 10 picometers, able to provide images of individual atoms

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TriA SNOM combines the potentials of scanned probe technology with the power of optical microscopy. It brings a small optical probe very close to the sample surface, in the region called "near-field", and it allows the collection of optical signals providing image optical resolution below 100 nm. Key features: Integrated Double Optical Vision System for accurate positioning and far field optical investigation Compatible with a wide range of light microscope modes Separate or simultaneous transmission and reflection measurements Large Operation wavelength range Allows the light source set-up as top down or inverted Independent high-performance photo detectors for multiple optical signals collection. Easily expandable Compatibility with third party scientific equipments Applications: Imaging the optical properties of a sample with resolution below the diffraction limit with applications in nanotechnology, biological studies, polymer investigations study of semiconductor materials

A100 AFM is a versatile high resolution atomic force microscope suited to a wide variety of applications including surface science, semiconductor technology, chemistry and polymers, optoelectronics, bioscience and medicine.The instrument is provided with flexure scanning stage in order to eliminate piezotube typical creep and hysteresis problems. The flexure scanning stage guarantees a high planarity for customers interested in large area imaging in air or liquid. The completely decoupled XY and Z scanning system is guaranteeing the highest positioning accuracy without any lateral translation during tip sample approach procedure.

pA-STM is a very powerful Scanning Tunneling Microscope allowing the mapping with atomic resolution in air even for high resistive materials. The pA STM can be equipped with different scanners with ranges from 3 μm to 25 μm. By tunneling down to 500 fA the pA-STM is suitable to measure high resistive materials like the self assembled molecules (SAM).