Pigna was founded in 1839 in Alzano Lombardo, near Bergamo, by Paolo Pigna and his family. Today, after 180 years, the Pigna site is still there. The mission, right from the start, has been to create the best Made in Italy notebooks for students and workers as well. Even before the coming of television and advertising, Pigna notebooks contributed to the literacy of Italy and entered the collective notional of Italians, thanks to the graphics and design of their covers. Since the ’50s, Pigna has expanded its product range to include pencil cases, planners and now backpacks and colored pens aimed to children. Today Pigna is a leading brand in Made in Italy stationery with a vision in motivating people, from children to adults, to rediscover, express and tell their uniqueness everyday.

From this cultural heritage, that has renewed itself for two hundred years, Pigna has expressed a new brand, PdiPigna. PdiPigna comes to light today as the stationery brand that brings all over the world Italian beauty and quality.
In Italy we say that something is fatto bene when it is made with care, patience and passion. Like PdiPigna notebooks, that are designed and manufactured in Italy using only first quality Italian materials. Fatto bene is our way of making things, our idea of quality. The quality of what we do and the quality of how we do it: caring for the environment, our people, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

The art director of PdiPigna is Matteo Ragni. Twice awarded the prestigious Compasso d’Oro, Ragni is the representative of the new generation of Italian maestros and brings to our brand the capacity to merge contemporary flavors with Italian heritage and quality.

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The Made in Italy concept was born in the 1950s, following the post war period and the economic boom. General taste was fed with fashion, design and creations of all sorts that popularized the idea of Italian fatto bene and mixed it with a Dolce Vita feeling. Like the colored stripes of Pigna’s Bella Copia collections, a hymn to an effortlessly stylish and carefree lifestyle dated from 1952.
PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products.

Enzo Mari was one of the greatest Italian artists and designers. He searched for what is essential and for a truly democratic approach to design. In 1963, his work for Danese Milano was focused on getting to the archetype of things around us and on sharing nature’s purest forms.
PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products.

A great architect of Italian beauty, designer of skyscrapers as well as iconic and timeless furnishings, Gio Ponti has brought the decor of the ideal Italian home all over the world. In his patterns imprint on ceramics there is the hypnotic fantasy that joins the mathematical rigor and embellish a hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products.

Nero Oriente was designed in 1948. It is the notebook that, in Italy, our grandparents and their grandparents used, a milestone in our history and culture. Its original design, now reviewed with a touch of irony, is a mirror of Italian traditional standing as a bridge between East and West that lives in the colors of the collection. The Nero Oriente Notebook preserves its unique combination of black and hand-painted red details like the original notebook designed in 1948, while adding a new feature: a matching fabric bookmark. PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products.

Since its foundation, at the beginning of the 20th century, Olivetti has been the Italian brand that first used design to dress technology and humanize it. Designed in 1950, the Lettera 22 typewriter is an icon of modernity, allowing millions of people around the world to work and write with this portable office.
PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products.