Founded by master goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta, who is still intimately involved in the production of each piece of jewellery, Rosmundo brings you jewellery imbued with a rich and royal heritage.
A family company based in Eboli, Italy, and Amalfi Cost, Rosmundo is internationally renowned for handcrafted, exquisite jewellery, destined to be cherished throughout generations. Trusted by European royalty, fuelled by your creativity and ours, Rosmundo creates exclusive, one of a kind pieces your dreams and feelings, captured in jewellery.
Formerly nominated as the best goldsmith of Italy in 2018, Rosmundo has elevated the honeycomb technique (aggiorno) to newly found heights by creating the figurative honeycomb tecnique, something never seen in the world of jewelry before.
Every single jewel crafted by Mestro Rosmundo is to celebrate they who wear it, those who gift it; a timeless story which is going to be boldly kept into a piece like no other.

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Manufacturing of jewellery and gold art objects and related items

Parsifal The front of the piece is set with a natural pure Brazilian Aquamarine, like the crystalline sea of the Amalfi coast; the flowers were set with the fancy colour diamonds which were inspired by the the Gardens of Villa Rufolo, and the tearing Holy Grail Cup has been set with hand-selected white diamonds. The two faces on the sides are Kundry, the messenger of the Grail, and the wicked Klingsor. The reverse of the piece is embellished with the signature technique of the Figurative Honeycomb. The four elements of Empedocles (air, fire, water and earth) are portrayed with different symbols: a blowing cherub, flames, a dolphin and a shell, as well as the dove of peace. Prince Rainier III of Monaco described it as the ‘Masterpiece of Jewellery’

Al Noor On the front of the piece, man’s paths to Paradise, where the centre of light dwells, are shown in the glistening Rosmundo honeycomb technique. The arcs on the top of the medallion draw together the human and the divine, while the eight gates on the pendant suggest the cosmic order around the central octagon - itself a symbol of fire and of the divine light. The seven niches that surround the pendant represent the seven prophets of Islam. Looking on the other side of the pendant, you can see wings of angels and a representation of the immortal and benevolent Arabic Felixbird, Simurg.

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Rosmundo is unmistakably the creator of figurative honeycomb technique. No one before ever dared to provide this ancient tecnique formerly known as “traforato” with a such figurative power. Rosmund remains proudly unlinked to his contemporary moment, as every sort of technology is being rejected to give full space to the artisanship which he keeps tight onto. Figurative honeycomb stands as Rosmundo’s signature, a misteriously intricate game of spaces and shadows, matt patches versus shiny ones – the human eye cherishes a joyful storm.

18 kt yellow gold pendant set with 0.46 ct round white and yellow diamonds. The sense of immense gratitude towards the light which guides and nurtures us, Soli is the energy, the prompt to appreciate every moment which is so immediate and untangible that only a such incredible collection can capture and make immortal.

18 kt yellow gold pendant set with 0.13 ct round white brilliant diamonds. The most ancient talisman of neapolitan superstition undergoes an incredible makeover. Rosmundo’s cornetto sparkles, with its sleek and glamorous shades, ready to defeat with its glorious lights the jealosuly and mediocrity surrounding us.

18 kt yellow gold Multiwear pendant-brooch set with 0.85ct fancy shape colombian emeralds and 0.21 ct white round brilliant diamonds. The enchanted chemistry adorning all forms of life, the lightness of the honeycomb and the magic moment where art imitates life nature. Madre Natura is Rosmundo’s love letter towards the miracle of creation, where each living creature is portraied in a way that leaves no detail behind.

18 kt yellow gold cross set with 0.52 white round brilliant diamonds. Devotion, strenght, hope, all things which even the flowing of time cant’impact, Sacramenta is the selection of crosses and ornaments devotees can rely on, as the quest for protection and salvation is endless – Sacramenta is to ensure that a such deeply rooted human necessity takes the most incredible shapes to touch.