Our Mission is Green.
"Marrying the needs of daily life with respect for the environment and people for a sustainable future".
We propose ecological, low enviromental impact products, made with certified organically farmed ingredients of natural origin, which guarantee quality, security and authenticity. For these reasons the products have been a success in the target market.
We work in both retail and wholesale, selling household cleaning products as well as personal hygiene ones (care for people and their homes).
Our main brand Greenatural products stands out for their effectiveness and goodness, thanks to the great attention paid to every aspect of the production cycle:
- Raw materials: from renewable, sources and organic farming
- Production: nickel tested. On-going research and development to improve the formulas
- Packaging: minimal use of plastic, encouragement of bulk products to re-use packaging
- Accessibility: low impact products for daily use, accessible to everyone
- Effects of use: effective products, valid alternatives for those who suffer from allergies or intolerances caused by aggressives cleaning agents
- Disposal: highly biodegradable formulas, guaranteed by certifications

Year of establishment:


Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

between 2.5 and 5 million Euro

Reference year of turnover:


Export turnover:



Agents and representatives of perfume and cosmetic products (including hairdressing items); herbalist products for cosmetic use

Wholesale trade of tea, cocoa and spices

Wholesale trade of other non-specialist food products, drinks and tobacco

Wholesale trade of soap, detergents and other cleaning products

Wholesale trade of perfume and cosmetics

Retail trade of other food products in specialist activities nec

Retail trade of perfume items, toiletry and personal hygiene products

Retail trade of soap, detergent, polishing products and similar

Mobile stand retail trade of other products nec

Retail trade or any type of product over the internet

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Greenatural home products are made with natural organic ingredients. They are efficient, concentrated, dermocompatible and biodegradable, cruelty frees, paraben free, with no optic brighteners, as well as being SLES and SLS free and checked for nickel, chrome and cobalt content. A complete range of natural products, the ideal solution for keeping your home spotlessly clean and hygienic. The fragrance is obtained by using organic essential oils or certified essences.

A range of AIAB certified deodorants which combine the efficiency of potassium alum with the action of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to refresh and naturally hydrate the skin. Potassium alum helps combat the bacteria which are responsible for body odour without leaving stains. In addition to the handy spray version, this range also includes the innovative concentrated gel version which guarantees long-lasting protection and rapid absorption.

Major changes start from small everyday choices. Greenatural body care products stem from the need to guarantee quality, safety, efficiency and authenticity with respect for people and nature. They are organic and eco-friendly products with plant extracts from organic farming. The products in the range do not contain parabens SLES, SLS and have been dermatologically tested. They have been checked for nickel, chrome and cobalt content (less than 0.4ppm), perfumed only with natural essences. Greenatural: the pleasure and peace of mind of natural and responsible cosmetics.