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Rinci is an artisan company of top-quality gastronomic delicacies, founded in 2015 in the heart of the Conero Regional Park in the Marches in Italy. Francesco, Luca, and Alessandro are its young and enterprising owners. They offer high-quality gastronomic creations that reinterpret the tastes of tradition with wisdom and originality. The company produces vegetable preserves and sauces that offer unmistakable flavors and unique sensory experiences. Our core business are the Paccasassi: Paccasassi or Spaccasassi is the dialect name for wild sea fennel. This natively-growing herb grows overlooking the sea. At first glance, it seems that its roots literally "split" the rocks while they creep into the cracks and take root in the soil and sand that they find in their path. The Paccasassi del Conero, real pride of these lands, are included in the Arca del Gusto project of the Slow Food Foundation. The Paccasassi are protected by the legislation of the Conero Natural Park, which protects biodiversity. That is why the collection of Paccasassi in its natural form is prohibited. Rinci farms the land right inside the Park and grows the Paccasassi in their natural habitat, not far from the sea. The processing company, based in Castelfidardo (An), has a modern plant to produce canned vegetables. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technological machinery that make it possible to enhance and maintain the flavor of Paccasassi as naturally and genuinely as possible. Their potting is also done manually, to avoid damaging or breaking the leaves. The processing of all fresh raw materials takes place with minimal impact on the final product. Moreover, mild pasteurization methods minimize thermal damage and enhance the final quality of the products. Stabilization does not involve the use of preservatives, additives, or chemicalsAll production and marketing processes comply with the latest food safety and hygiene standards. The company is certified organic and follows the most demanding voluntary certification standards.

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between 250.000 and 500.000 Euro

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From 75.000 to 250.000 Euro




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Rinci srl


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Paccasassi, the dialect name for sea fennel, is a wild growing aromatic herb typical of the Conero Riviera. With an iodized taste and strong citrus notes, the leaves have hints of fennel, carrot, and lemon. It also has many nutritional virtues thanks to the high quantity of carotenoids, flavonoids, and vitamins.

Wild sea fennel grows spontaneously along the coasts of the Mediterranean and northern Europe. Its trade was flourishing in the old continent until the end of the nineteenth century and its use has ancient attestations. Shakespeare in King Lear and Melville in Moby Dick also mention it. The consumption of sea fennel was particularly popular among sailors to prevent scurvy, thanks to its richness in vitamin C. It has additional excellent nutritional qualities and contains beneficial substances: polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids. It began to disappear due to indiscriminate harvesting and, even today, in the Conero Regional Park and some areas of Italy and Europe, sea fennel is listed among the protected plant species.

Protected by the Conero Natural Park legislation, which protects biodiversity, Rinci grows Paccasassi within the Park, their natural habitat, and brings them back to our tables.

They are ideal served on toast in combination with salami, anchovies, smoked fish, or dairy products. They are excellent paired with main courses or meat, fish, and salads entrees.

Paccasassi can be combined with many ingredients. They can enrich simple recipes and be the protagonists of more elaborate dishes. They have great potential as a condiment for pasta courses. Our pasta preparations contain all the taste of Paccasassi and they are perfect for those who are looking for ready-to-eat sauces without sacrificing the quality.

The versatility of Paccasassi has allowed us to rework some traditional recipes and propose them in a renewed and functional format, meeting contemporary tastes. Our sauces are ideal for seasoning toast, bruschetta, meat, fish, cheeses, and are an excellent solution to give a refined touch to aperitifs and quick recipes.