This brand recollects the association between the oil and the gourmet from the myth in the Mediterranean Sea. Heraia focuses on the products of its own production in the Sicilian Hinterlands, which are based on olive culture and almond culture and mix them. The products realized are all based on the myth around Sicily and the Mediterranean Area, in order to spread the love for the food and to learn more from the most unknown myths.

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The inspiration for this packaging comes from the myth that commemorates the mythological birth of the first almond tree, the myth of Phylis and Demophon; a painful story of love and a promise that was never fulfilled. Their story has inspired a line of almonds from the Sicilian hinterland.

The biodiversity of the inland territory is peculiar for almond cultivation of various cultivars that are born and grow next to olive groves and wheat fields. From this, we have created a mix balancing the properties of each of them that compose Minnula - Natural Classic Almond. A series of cultivars extremely dear to us of almonds: genco, ferragnes, thunder and win them all.

Minnula - Shelled Almonds is the reference in the Sicilian dialect of almonds, which is why our line of almonds has taken a name so connected to our tradition. Here we wanted to propose shelled and toasted almonds in a natural way, in order to preserve the taste in its entirety.

Minnula - Shelled Almonds is a product of our land. A set of natural Sicilian almonds that contain all the taste and intensity of Sicily at every bite. It is an energetic mix of different types of almonds from our territory that are united together, in order to offer you a well-balanced mix of almonds for the unique properties that each of them possesses.

In his style we want to propose a light green background and our shelled almonds. Here we wanted to talk about simplicity, without adding particular details; the rest, we leave it to the quality that is inside.

Heraia has designed a natural version of an almond snack that you can always carry in your bag. Minnula is a line created to ensure that the Mediterranean diet and the natural consumption of dried fruit is beneficial and extremely practical for everyone.

Iannusa - Olio Intenso is a very intense extra virgin olive oil. This evo oil is very rich in a very special perfumed charge and totally represents the Sicilian hinterland.
Its taste expresses the rough territory of the Sicilian hinterland. The olives of this oil are harvested in the first half of October and cold-milled by means of a continuous cycle mill, then left to decant.
Iannusa - Olio Intenso is rich in scents of the earth and vegetables, in which the scent of thistle stands out.

In her style, we wanted to pay tribute to the mythological figure of the Gorgon par excellence: Medusa. In addition, the representation of the snake also indicates that this oil has some sneaky bitter notes of thistle and tomato that explode at least you expect at the end of the palate.
On the nose, moreover, there are also sensations of green or ripe apple, freshly cut grass, green almond and not too ripe tomato or tomato leaf.

This olive oil is produced in the Sicilian hinterland, in our area in the province of Enna, Barrafranca.
In this olive oil, we use to produce two versions: a classic and an organic one. In the classic one, we use Moorish and nocellara olives from Etna; while in the organic one, we use entirely a monocultivar of Moorish olives.

This extra virgin olive oil abounds in polyphenols and is therefore a healthy and very beneficial health food. The degree of bitterness and pungency present in this oil can vary depending on the degree of veraison of the fruit, although there is a slight sweet sensation that balances everything out.

We recommend combining it in the kitchen with raw or cooked food, fried or sweet, with salad dressing, first courses or even second courses of meat, fish or vegetables. Ideal with busiata trapanese. It goes exceptionally well with aromas such as basil, mint and citrus fruits.

Oro di Gorgone - Gran Riserva Cru born at 96H8+R8 on a plot of land originally belonging to the company of Barrafranca, in the province of Enna.

It is an extra virgin olive oil carefully selected and circumscribed in this area, in order to respect the quality and aromatic bouquet standards over time. After a period of rest in steel tanks, the great reserve acquires a stale aftertaste that distinguishes it.

Orestiade - Frozen Almonds - Classic is a sweet snack that you didn't know you needed.

Our Minnula is the protagonist at the base of Orestiade.

Heraia has conceived a gourmet and sweet version of a snack that you can always carry in your bag. Orestiade - Frozen Almonds - Classic is born from the desire to tickle your throat and let yourself be taken by the complexity of aromas within each individual almond.

The inspiration for this packaging comes from the myth that commemorates a song born from the imagined encounter between our gorgon, Heraia, and the nymphs of the Erei mountains, the mountains that surround our company. From this meeting, a gentle song is born: the Orestiade.
The inspiration pays homage to the nymphs of mythology who protected forests and woods.

The processing begins with almonds, which are caramelized over low heat with brown sugar and unified with water and bitter cocoa powder. Subsequently, after melting the dough, the almonds begin to separate from each other and assimilate the sugar, water, and cocoa mixture, until their taste is unified.
At that moment the freshly grated orange peel is added and the almonds continue to amalgamate until they become shiny.
The result is left to rest for 5 minutes and then packaged.

Almonds are called "frozen" because the effect of the caramelization of sugar has made them look crystallized, so it is as if they had been frozen.

The cultural custom therefore states that the name is such.

Hesperides - Candied Orange in Two Tastes was born from the desire to experiment and make a dessert based on orange and enriched with a mix of cocoa and our almond as the protagonist. A delicious dessert inspired by the delicious fruits kept in the garden of Hesperides of Hera; fruits so precious that they are guarded by the dragon Ladone.

The Garden of Hesperides is a legendary place of Greek mythology. It was donated by Gaea to Zeus who in turn gave it to Hera as a wedding gift and in it grew an apple tree with golden fruits which was guarded by the dragon Ladon and the three Hesperides.

As the eleventh effort, Heracles had been ordered to pick three golden apples from the plant and these (to avoid the dragon Ladon), he proposed to the titan Atlas to hold the sky on his shoulders for the time necessary for the titan to take the three fruits from the garden, but when he returned he revealed to Heracles that he was no longer willing to take the sky on his shoulders.

Hesperides - Candied Orange in Two Tastes was born from an idea born to enhance candied orange in a new way and out of classicism. The union with this candied wheel with two types of chocolate, almonds, and aromas has been able to maximize the complex and exquisite taste of an orange that can be tasted alone or as a component of a dessert.

An idea born with the aim of creating a dessert of peculiar workmanship and that highlights the duality of tastes possessed by orange, cocoa, and almonds. These wheels can be eaten directly as a delicious snack, or they can become part of a dessert that enhances the raw material.