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We are manufacturers and we are looking for distributors for the brand. FOEUJA laboratories create the beauty of the future with our cutting-edge dermo - cosmetics that are organic and have the certification of The Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute. Formulating more efficient, sustainable, and organic treatments, FOEUJA research helps women feel beautiful at all ages, and most importantly confident that their aspect always shows their strengths and personality.

We evaluate the international profiles of large cosmetics distributors.

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over 25 milion Euro

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Manufacturing of perfume and cosmetics

Wholesale trade of perfume and cosmetics

Wholesale trade of pharmaceutical products

Kabella shampoo eco bio

facial cleansing milk eco bio

sciura mature eye contour anti age eco bio

sciura elixir serum anti age eco bio

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Our formulas have an ICEA certification, the Italian Institute of Ethical & Environmental Certification, which guarantees the certification of 100% Eco bio products, from organic farming without pesticides to the final product and guarantees the total ECO BIO, vegan and cruelty free supply chain, our product has been studied and tested for all ages and skin conditions, for women, men and children.

As for our packaging, we are sensitive to the zero-emission cycle, which is why our packaging is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, all production elements are recyclable, according to regulation 282 of the European Union.

You can look at our site with e-commerce you can download our app for android and iOS devices. with expert advice and barcode reader you just need to frame the product and get all the information you need for each product.

You can also discover our video tutorials clearly explain how to use the right product on different needs. This video tutorial has achieved excellent marketing results in pharmacies, perfumeries and shops with an influx of people.

All our platform and our ECO BIO products are already available in 4 languages ​​(ITA, ESP, ENG, FRA), if you need different languages, we can work on it. You can also add our products to your website and we can help you on this with our IT manager.

If you are looking for natural, safe, PEG-free and silicone-free make-up products, you are looking for the right supplier. Farewell to parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes: one of the best eco-bio brands. Freebies in every order. Fast shipping. Eco-sustainable cosmetics. Eco-friendly cosmetics for everyone.