Oleificio Mallia was born in 1970 from the dedication and stubborness of Diego Mallia, “grandfather Diego”, and since then the passion for extra virgin olive oil has become a family value.
The mill is immersed in a generous land, where the sun caresses the olive trees giving the fruits those characteristics that make our extra olive oil a small masterpiece of nature.

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Under 250.000 Euro

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Less than 75.000 Euro


Support activities for vegetable production

Production of olive oil mainly not own production

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Primaluce is the first superior category extra-virgin olive oil produced every year by Oleificio Mallia. Mainly obtained from Biancolilla olives carefully harvested in October, and from a cold press process done within 5 hours from the harvest. Appearing golden yellow with vivid green reflections, Primalice is characterised by an intense and persistent fragrance with marked notes of green tomato, artichoke and fresh-cut grass aroma. It tastes delicate on the palate, with a pleasantly bitter and spicy note. The best way to savour it is by associating it with every kind of white meat, salad and fish.

Best expression of its homeland, Chiaraluce is a special extra-virgin olive oil. Characterised by its unmistakable and marked Mediterranean taste lent from its two special varieties of olives: Verdese and Moresca. Verdese gives it an intense and fruity aroma, bitter on average and light spicy. Moresca donates to this extra- virgin olive oil a light sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste of artichoke. Vivid green with golden reflections, Chiaraluce is characterised by an herbaceous smell, average fruity with a green tomato notes taste, and a light spicy sensation at the end. Considering its particular balanced taste, it could easily be used on many recipes, including legumes, soups, salads and any kind of meats.

BBellantonio is an extra-virgin olive oil with a strong and intense character. At its first taste, the bitter sensation prevails on the spicy one, which is characterised by an olfactory predominance rare to find in other mono-varieties olive oils. Scents of artichoke, green tomato, almond and fresh-cut grass are really delicates. Its colour is an opaque emerald green which prevails for a long time considering the amount of phenolic substances. Because of its pronounced fluidity, Bellantonio is great to use on salads and cold dishes; a drizzle of this great olive oil is enough to enrich every kind of meat dishes, mixed grills, vegetables and soups.

The extra virgin olive oil Incanto Bio expresses at the best the essence of our territory, result of a carefully production in biological scheme of two particolar varieties of olives: Verdese and Moresca. It origins from a refined and balanced blend with marked Mediterranean notes. Incanto Bio has a strong fruity taste, intense, persistent, bitter on average, lightly spicy, with green notes of artichoke and a delicate sweetness on the palate. Its colour is vivid green with golden shades, while, on the nose, it donates herbaceous notes. In culinary use, because of its particular balance it perfectly matches with any kind of dishes, including legumes, soups, red or white meats and salads.