Dott.Poppi SnailFarm

Dott.Poppi SnailFarm is a little reality of le Marche region, and it deals with the production of high-level natural cosmetics deriving from Helix Aspersa Muller snails, bred by respecting the species and its nature.

Among Urbino’s hills, so acclaimed by the writers of the past I founded my business. Far away from any urban and artificial pollution, in a hidden valley I put the first “brick” of what became my snail farm some months later.
The farm is surrounded by seasonal growing cultures for constantly supplying food for snails without using any chemical substances.
A greenhouse allows not only the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity to which snails are used but also it grants the protection from all the animal species that eat them.
Since the beginning the project contemplates to reproduce in the smallest details the natural environment where these clams live, reproduce and grow, limiting any trauma coming from the farm its-self.
The extraction of the snail secretion is done exclusively through manual process in the complete and total respect of these animals in order to reduce the mortality to zero. The secretion is filtrated and then micro-filtrated many times in order to remove any impurities.

“Snails are the tangible proof of the secrets that nature hide behind the smallest and simplest things. With the right dedication and total respect, these secrets become accessible.”

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The slime of the snail was the object of many experiments that permitted the detection of seven different natural molecules, which exhaustively explain all the properties attributed to it in centuries of history: 1)LECTINS: Those proteic-macromolecules secreted by the albumine gland are powerful antibiotic: their action is very close to the streptomycin’s one. Lectins are also known to play an important role in the immune system. Within the innate immune system, lectins help mediate the first-line defense against invading microorganisms. 2)ALLANTOIN (C4H6N4O3): Acknowledged by the European and British pharmacopoeia as a dermatologically agent is classified by “FDA” as a skin protector. Allantoin enhance the proliferation of fibroblast and the consequent synthesis of the extracellular matrix. In addition, it stimulates tissue regeneration replacing dead cells with new cells. 3)ELASTIN: It predominantly contains aminoacids as valine, alanine and proline. Elastin is one of the constituent protein of the connective tissue. It is the most elastic protein and allows many different human organic tissues to come back in the original position when stretched or contracted. It is easy to understand how much elastin is important for our skin. 4)COLLAGEN: It is the main protein of animal’s connective tissue (including human) and the more aboundant (25% of the total protein’s mass), it represents more or less 6% of the total body-weight. The functions of this protein are different according to the different kind of known collagens in literature (28). Some example are: to sustain blood vessels including peripheral capillaries or to reinforce skin. 5)GLYCOLID ACID (C2H4O3): Structurally the smallest α-hydroxyacid the glycolic acid has an excellent capacity of penetrating the deepest layer of the skin sown to the epidermis basal layer. This ability allows the glycolic acid to undermine the binding properties of lipids that keep close the dead epithelial cells. 6)VITAMIN “C” (L-Ascorbic acid, C6H8O6): It is important for the correct founding of the immune system and for the endogenous synthesis of collagen. Moreover it performs an antihistaminic action and takes part in many redox-catalyzed reactions. 7)VITAMIN “E” (Tocopherol): It is a very powerful basic antioxidant for the prevention of oxidation of polysaturated acids. This is a key event for the process of lipidic peroxidation where free radicals start a chain reaction. Vitamin “E” stop this phenomenon. Considering that lipidic peroxidation pattern is a way for deep cellular alteration, we can easily understand why tocopherol is critical for the sustain of cellular structures.