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The artisan Panificio Battacone was founded in 1975 in Irgoli, in the province of Nuoro, in the heart of the Baronia. Of the traditions of our territory we have treasured, transferring them to the production of the typical bread of Sardinia, the Pane Carasatu. With the same passion and the same recipe handed down over the years, today it is possible to taste the taste of bread as it once did at home. Over time, the quality of the products and all their characteristics have remained intact, but the new production techniques have enabled us to achieve important results: today the Panificio Battacone is able to reach its customers throughout the Italian territory and also in the markets international, guaranteeing the delivery of the always fragrant bread, qualitatively excellent and just produced. Let our catalog take you on a splendid journey into the most authentic taste of Sardinia

Year of establishment:


Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

between 2.5 and 5 million Euro

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Export turnover:

From 750.000 to 2.5 million Euro


Production of bread; fresh pastry products

Production of fresh bread products

Wholesale trade of other non-specialist food products, drinks and tobacco

Wholesale trade of soap, detergents and other cleaning products

Wholesale trade of perfume and cosmetics

Retail trade or any type of product over the internet

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A practical innovative format, in step with the times, to be consumed at home or outside, at any time of the day, like a snack; small sheets of Pane Carasatu: crunchy, tasty and very light. Ideal and innovative also for catering: directly in the bread basket, without having to break the largest sheets.


It is the classic variant of Pane Carasatu: this is seasoned with excellent olive oil, it is lightly salted on the surface and then baked again, for a final browning. The result is a very tasty food, great to accompany all meals with a more pronounced taste or to prepare original snacks and lively aperitifs


The "Organic" certified flours come from wheat grown on selected soils with even greater care, using cultivation methods with low environmental impact which preserve the organic substances naturally present in the soil and which we find in the taste and quality of the finished product; this means that our Carasatu Bread is even more "as it once was": the guarantee of the Organic Line in the Traditional and Guttiau versions.


It is one of the food-symbols of Sardinian gastronomy: an original bread, even unique, whose origins are traced back, according to some studies, to the Nuragic era (1800 BC - 200 AD). Always present on the tables of the Sardinians, it has crossed the sea and today is known and appreciated in the rest of Italy and on international markets. Its characteristic crunchiness, delicate and refined taste, practical consumption and preservation make this wonderful food can be combined with any gastronomic tradition.


The version of Carasatu Bread with wholemeal flour, dedicated to those who seek the most rustic and ancient flavors; it is a bread particularly rich in fiber and protective substances that bring significant benefits to the body, ideal for those who carefully follow a balanced diet.