OLIVIERI ARREDA di Riccardo Olivieri

A tradition that sees us engaged in continuous research that involves the different aspects that define production.
The careful craftsmanship, the choice of materials and the attention paid to the finishes represent the characterizing elements of our work.
Our products maintain style and quality over time and tell you our story with love.
The furniture structure is in blockboard of walnut, with frame doors, frames and carvings in solid wood.
The decorative frames are made of solid wood using traditional techniques, all the carvings are hand made by masters of the art school.
During the various stages of polishing or lacquering, our painters perform decorations exclusively freehand.
The handles and hinges are in pure bronzed, silver or gold brass.
The accessories for the construction are of the best quality that the market offers.
Our proposals are not for everyone: they require a precise taste and the desire to choose a high-quality piece of furniture.

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Under 250.000 Euro

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Less than 75.000 Euro


Manufacturing of furniture for home furnishing

The '800 "Napoletana" style kitchen represents the spearhead of our current production. Built with solid wood frames and walnut blockboard parts, it can be made to measure or with single modules. In this version the kitchen has a patinated lacquered finish with gold leaf details and hand-painted decorations.

The '800 "Napoletana" room and studio reflect the same style of the kitchen also in the construction methods. Available in the classic version with a patinated finish, or in the richer one with a sponged finish decorated with gold leaf details and hand-painted paintings.

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Art. 820/A Chest of drawers "Treccia" with 3 drawers
cm. 140L. x 64P. x 106H.

Art. "Perla" Double bed with wood headboard panel
cm.175L. x 191P. x 165H.
Art. 821 Bedside table "Treccia" with 2 drawers
cm. L.73 P.45 H.70

The kitchen style ‘800 “Napoletana” represents the cutting edge of our current production.
Built with a solid chassis and walnut trimming, it can be made to measure or to individual components.
In this version the kitchen features a lacquer coated finish with special gold leaf and hand-painted decorations.
Available in a lacquer coated version or in a cre-clè lacquer coated version.

This model of kitchen was derived from original furniture of the ‘800 Siciliano, styling the details in accordance with the needs of a kitchen.
Made from walnut planks with chassis doors, solid frames and carvings.
The carvings are all done by hand.
“Antiqued” polishing with gold and silver leaf edges , the lacquering of the panels is carried out by brush and all decoration is painted completed by hand, with a wax coating and finish.

Art. 771 Desk with 7drawers, polished and decoreted
cm. 186L. x 82P. x 80H.
Study ‘800 "Napoletano” reflects the same style of the kitchen with regards to the construction methods used.
Designed in the classic version with a coated finish, or in the richest one with sponged finish decorated with special gold leaf and hand paintings .