The Armiss brand creations came to life in 2020 as a bright and colorful reaction to a dark and complicated year. Colorful is, therefore, the jewel that dresses and narrates with its nuances and shades.

The color scheme is at the heart of all jewels by Armiss, and is declined in infinite variations to describe and interpret the wearer’s many identities and faces.

Color becomes shape, sound, motion, atmosphere. Color dresses and narrates.

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Annual turnover:

between 250.000 and 500.000 Euro

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Wholesale trade of watches and jewellery

Retail trade of watches and jewellery items in specialist activities

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Armiss srl


+39 0131383764


Viale Dante, 13



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Discover the sinuous and clean lines of Cosmos, Armiss’ reinterpretation of botanical charm.

Cosmos Collection was inspired by nature, its colors and shapes.

Gold, diamonds and enamel expertly crafted by the best italian goldsmiths to create a versatile jewel that will be with you all day long, adapting to every occasion.

Sos. “Save Our Souls” through the balance, color and vitality that this collection releases with explosive colors.

The S.O.S. line by Armiss is pure chromatic joy to wear:

An explosive and unique line of jewelry that researches the balance of the soul through colors and shapes.

Think of a candy-colored accessory, modern and always fun.

And just like candy, one ring leads to another.

This ring enhances all kinds of outfits. It adapts to any occasion and illuminates your day by revealing the color you have inside.

Infinito, as infinite is the feeling of luxury and refinement that this collection conveys. Available in different colors and wearable individually or in stack.

This collection is perfect to make your classics stand out.

Adds a touch of color.

The perfect compromise between classic and modern, style and elegance meticolously Made in Italy.