Lanaioli was established as a luxury brand in the fashion industry with a vision towards high Quality standards of its productions.

The choice of yarn worked entirely in Italy and the manufacture of its products performed by workers with artisanal knowledge are distinguishing elements of our Brand, which proposes an uncompromising Quality for our Customers.

But luxury fashion is not only Quality, and our attention to eco-sustainable choices has distinguished us since the start of our business, immediately beginning to work on two fronts, in order to make our small but valuable contribution to the increasingly pressing need for a growing economy, but one that respects the Planet and its natural resources.

The first choice we made from the heart was to make immediate use of regenerated raw materials.

Since the launch of our brand, we have envisioned a line of products made from the finest yarn that can be found on the market: pure Regenerated Cashmere.

Lanaioli has also initiated an interlocution with a number of individuals and interested parties to arrive at the creation in the short term of a Network of companies that can independently produce discrete quantities of top-quality merino wool by rediscovering native breeds on the verge of extinction.

The aim is to provide local breeders with the right economic recognition for the wool conferred, allowing them to invest in the improvement of the genealogy of the bred animals, then allow the wool to be processed at dedicated factories located in Italy, until it returns a yarn of adequate fineness to be able to compete with that coming from other parts of the world and end up in the garments produced under our Brand.

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Lanaioli and its Sustainability Project in the Quality Knitwear Industry.

Lanaioli: a project where head and heart drive our business idea

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With a regular fit, this warm and soft sweater is made of pure Cashmere, with the best yarns available, and is made entirely in an artisan knitting workshop in Italy, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and attention to detail.

The sweater features a V-neck, a timeless classic, available in different sizes and colours.

Composition: 100% cashmere.

A sustainable and responsible choice: this sweater in soft Regenerated Cashmere is an example of circular fashion, where luxury meets attention to the recovery of materials and a special focus on safeguarding the planet, without forgetting the attention to detail and high quality workmanship that a garment made entirely in Italy can give to the wearer.

The sweater features classic crew-neck workmanship, a must-have item in every man's wardrobe, and is available in different sizes and colours.

Composition: 100% regenerated cashmere.

An exceptional mix of fabrics: Cashmere meets Silk and Extrafine Merino Wool, a perfect combination that, in the skilled hands of the artisans who work this line of knitwear entirely in Italy, gives rise to a unique product.

This wrap-around garment is offered in "Turtleneck," Crew Neck or V-neck variants and comes in various colors and sizes, always with a fit marked by maximum comfort, which only Lanaioli can offer the wearer.

Composition: 70% extra-fine merino wool, 20% silk, 10% cashmere.

This classic men's polo shirt is made of ELS ( EXTRA LONG STEPLE( cotton, choosing the best yarns available on the market and made by an Italian artisan workshop that meets the high quality standards we want to offer our customers.

The regular fit polo shirt comes with long sleeves, perfect for those who want to be casual but at the same time sophisticated. The polo shirt is available in various sizes and colors.

Composition: 100% ELS Gassed Cotton.

This men's polo shirt, with its classic design, is made of pure extra-fine merino wool by a craft workshop in Italy, which uses only high-quality yarns, an element that distinguishes all our garments.

The polo shirt, with its light fabric, has an open collar and short sleeves and is perfect for warm spring days and cool summer evenings. The polo shirt is available in various sizes and colours.

Composition: 100% extra-fine merino wool.