Sensoria opens a new R&D center in Naples


investment overview

Investor company description 

Sensoria Health Inc. is a US-based company founded in 2017 by two Italians based in Redmond (WA). The company’s vision The Garment is the Computer says it all: Sensoria develops remote patient monitoring smart garments and artificial intelligence software solutions aiming at improving people’s lives.

Investment description

Sensoria opened its first European R&D center in Naples with the mission of developing its product line of biometric-sensing smart garments and artificial intelligence-connected software enhanced by the partnership with the textile, clothing, and fashion Italian ecosystem.

The “Invest in Italy” team, together with its office in San Francisco and in collaboration with Invitalia and Federico II University in Naples, supported Sensoria throughout the process of establishing its Italian legal entity in Bergamo and opening the operational R&D office in Naples. The company also received our support for applying to the Smart&Start National Investment Incentive Program for innovative startups and SMEs. This was a crucial step to hiring engineers from the local vibrant ecosystem and further accelerating the development of its SDK and technology platform and product pipeline.



Accompanying facilities required:

- Local market information

- Legal services

- Banking and financial services

- Support for incentive research 


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