Report a case of wrongdoing

Article 54-bis of Legislative Decree No. 165 of March 30, 2001, introduced by Anti-corruption Law No. 190/2012 as amended by Law No. 179/2017, lays down "Provisions for the protection of persons who report unlawful activities or wrongdoing based on information acquired in a public or private work-related context", i.e. whistleblowers. 
In particular, paragraph 5 of article 54-bis requires that whistleblowing procedures have specific features based on the new ANAC (Italian anti-corruption authority) guidelines. Such procedures "shall provide for the use of computerized methods and promote the use of cryptographic tools to ensure the confidentiality of the reporting person's identity and of reports and related documentation".
The Italian Trade Agency - ICE has joined the WhistleblowingPA project of Transparency International Italia and the Hermes Center for Transparency and Human and Digital Rights, adopting their IT platform in order to comply with regulatory obligations and to provide a safe reporting tool.
The reporting procedure is as follows:

  • a report is made by filling in a questionnaire. Reports can be sent anonymously - anonymous reports will be taken over only if adequately detailed;
  • a report is received and processed by the person responsible for Corruption Prevention and Transparency (RPCT) in full confidentiality;
  • on sending a report, the reporting person receives a 16-digit numeric code which must be kept for later access to the report, to verify the response of the RPCT and to respond to requests for clarification or further information;
  • a report can be made from any digital device (PC, tablet, smartphone) both from within the organization and externally.
  • The protection of the reporting person's identity is guaranteed in all circumstances.

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