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19 Febbraio 2018

Thailandia - Cambogia


US company Omni Navitas  Budgets $ 500 M for largest project in region US - BASED SOLAR energy developer Omni Navitas plan to set up a 150 megawatt solar energy plant in Cambodia, which the CEO indicate that by capacity it will be the largest  solar farm in Southeast Asia.According to the secretary of state at The Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia will support and facilitate this investment project because it is a clean energy project and it would be a great deal if  the company can sell the electricity to the government same price as the existing power plant. However in the Omni Navitas’ CEO comments to local media, he told the reporters that he had already negotiated potential price for electricity with state-run Electricite du Cambodge, though there was no agreement yet. (ICE BANGKOK)