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23 Febbraio 2018

Birmania - Thailandia


Trade volume in the 2017-18 fiscal year has exceeded US$28 billion and it is to exceed the target $29 billion, according to the assistant secretary from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).“Major exports are agricultural products and industrial products. Export earnings from industrial sector which includes natural gas and CMP increased by about $1 billion,” he said. At present, CMP export amounts to $2 billion and natural gas reaches $2.8 billion.”“This year is a record-high rice export for 70 years period as it has exceeded 3 million tonnes. Last year, only 1.7 million tonnes of rice were exported. Now it almost doubled. It is mainly due to new market search by the merchants and new markets connected by the ministry,” said the assistant secretary from the Ministry of Commerce.Import volume Import volume  includes $5612 million worth of capital goods, $6446 million of raw materials and $3856 million of consumer goods, totaling $15,915 million. This year import volume is $2,031 million more than that of last year, ministry figures suggest. Compared with last year’s trade data, $2.17 billion more export and $2.04 billion more import were recorded, he said. Trade via marine route was more than that via land and ocean trade reached $3.6 billion more. (ICE BANGKOK)