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2 Marzo 2018



A pilot test by national water agency PUB showed that smart shower heads that digitally display real-time water usage helped people save 3 per cent on monthly water usage. PUB hopes to expand the results of the six-month 2015 pilot scheme, which showed smart shower heads helped 500 homes save 5 litres of water per person daily. PUB will install the shower heads in 10,000 selected Housing Board flats in the next couple of years as part of the agency's effort to reduce household water consumption. Showering remains the largest source of water use in homes at 27 per cent. It is followed by flushing, washing in the kitchen and laundry, based on a study of 400 households in 2016 and last year. Together, these activities form about three-quarters of household water usage. The study also found that more than half of the water fittings in the key usage areas are efficient. For example, 75 per cent of washing machines have a three-tick water-efficiency rating. This indicates that consumers are more aware of the need to install water-efficient models, said PUB. The agency introduced the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme which requires suppliers to display water efficiency ratings on appliances and fittings. However the study found that 35 per cent of kitchen sink taps were non-water-efficient, suggesting room for improvement in this area. PUB said while the study did not look into how much people save from using water-efficient fittings, statistics over the years have shown homes using less water. Singapore's per capita household water consumption dropped from 165 litres per day in 2003 to 148 litres in 2016. The target is to lower consumption to 140 litres by 2030. From April next year, PUB will be mandating the sale, supply and installation of at least two-tick water fittings in all new private and public homes. Non-water-efficient fittings and appliances - those that do not have at least a two-tick label - will be phased out by next year. (ICE SINGAPORE)