News dalla rete ITA

2 Marzo 2018



Before adopting new technology methods, companies have to identify and prioritise different areas of oppoortunities, analyse how tech solutions can affect the business and how easy it is to employ. Small firms are encouraged to be more skillful and agile in line with the Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Scheme to tap on areas such as operations or processes, sales and marketing, and customer experience. In particular, the bridal services business, La Belle Couture, is utilizing the FX Mirror which offers better experiences for buyers. It is as efficient as allowing customers to try 20 gowns in a minute and alleviating the effort for staff to carry those heavy dresses. Plus, with the use of Chatbot, it creates greater procifiency as “it responds [almost instantanously] to customers politely 24/7”, as well as a greater operational tool that engages more functions. For businesses with manpower constraints may choose to use the Enterprise Resource Management system as it integrates the whole process for the employees, clients and vendors for better managements. All in all, these customisation and usage of new technology strategies enable firms to become more dynamic in progress towards innovation. (ICE SINGAPORE)