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7 Marzo 2018

Birmania - Thailandia


The government has launched a Development Assistance Policy (DAP) under which it aims to more effectively and transparently channel aid funds provided by international agencies to where they are needed.Over the years, Myanmar has received billions in international aid and assistance from the likes of International Partners in Development, United Nations and other international non-government organisations which have contributed to its economic development.However, the country has been lacking in a proper policy to ensure funds are disbursed efficiently. This has resulted in delays in approvals, constraints to implementation and higher-than-necessary transaction costs for both sides. As such, the purpose of the DAP, which was announced last week,  is to ensure that development assistance is at all times used in ways which accelerates the country’s development and contributes to the achievement of the Economic Policy of Myanmar. All development assistance to Myanmar will also demonstrate a clear alignment with one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.Under the new policy, a framework has been drawn up to guide the delivery of development assistance. Standard operating procedures have also been put in place to streamline the identification, approval and implementation of wholly and partially-funded initiatives.The DAP will be implemented by the Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU), which will be chaired by State Counsellor Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi. Meanwhile, the government will further streamline the implementation process by establishing ten sector coordination groups to facilitate the effective utilisation of development assistance in designated areas such as agriculture, education, energy, healthcare, nutrition, job creation , social protection and disaster, transport, information and communications technology as well as the environment. (ICE BANGKOK)