News dalla rete ITA

7 Marzo 2018



The South Australian government plans to lift the state’s renewable energy target to 75 per cent by 2025. South Australia’s Premier says that he wants to accelerate the transition to using renewable energy even faster, promising that as well as delivering cheaper electricity bills, it would attract even more investment from renewables firms. Tesla and Neoen have built the world’s biggest storage battery near Jamestown in the state’s mid-north as part of a $550 million energy fix-it plan for the state last year, and there have been several other big investments made in solar energy and wind power. Tesla is also part of an $800 million virtual power plant project announced in early February. South Australia now generates 48.9 per cent of its energy production from renewable energy and has been the most aggressive of the Australian states in the take-up of renewables. South Australia previously had a renewable energy target of 50 per cent which was set in September, 2014. The federal Environment and Energy Minister said that the federal government, via its Australian Renewable Energy Agency entity (ARENA), was injecting $1 million into two separate feasibility studies for pumped hydro energy storage in the state. Energy Australia will be given $500,000 for its Cultana sea-water project, while Zen Energy and SIMEC Mining will get $500,000 for phase one of a feasibility study into a pumped hydro project near Whyalla. (ICE SYDNEY)