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8 Marzo 2018



The state leader,Bounnhang Vorachit has told authorities in charge to work harder to drive rural development, ensure food security, and increase forest cover. Although Laos has enjoyed high-level economic growth over past years, incomes in general remain low, especially for people living in rural areas. President said high-level growth had been mainly driven by the exploitation of natural resources including timber, minerals, and hydropower. But these fields had not created many jobs for local people.Laos is facing challenges in the development of commercial-scale agriculture, the president noted, saying the quality of farm products was not high, while the quantity was also inadequate and failed to meet market demand.President Bounnhang put the blame for this on state departments that had failed to coordinate in helping farmers to find markets.He said authorities needed to work with all stakeholders to enable farmers to access finance and benefit from the electricity incentive policy to boost production.This must be done together with the processing of farm products to add value to commodities.The president said agricultural production played a crucial role in rural development and improving livelihoods because it created jobs and generated income, which helped to reduce the number of people migrating to seek employment in towns.In an attempt to increase forest cover, the state leader stressed the need for the relevant departments to amend the forestry strategy and the Law on Forestry, which were promulgated a long time ago, so they matched current circumstances and would ensure sustainability of forests. (ICE BANGKOK)