After a long period, Jordanian Private-Public entities are boosting the economic activities by organizing the first virtual expo the INTERNATONAL KINGDOM EXPO 2021 that will be held from July 28 until 02 August 2021.

IKE 2021 is the first international Jordanian exhibition and conference which aims to connect factories, service providers and startups companies with the global market through interactive virtual windows The International Kingdom Expo 2021 is organized by Sindyan for Entrepreneurship and Development in partnership with the Jordan Investment Commission, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and the Jordan Chamber Industry.

The Expo represents the best opportunity for audiences from all over the world to communicate directly with the stakeholders through instant chat (writing and live video), obtain presentations and explanatory videos. The platform of the event combines the rules of traditional exhibitions with elements of social and professional networks, through a main page of the exhibition, an accompanying virtual conference, virtual booths for each manufacturer, company, service provider or exportable product, and virtual meeting rooms suitable for exchanging information and forging partnerships and joint deals.

Participation upon registration at the following link: