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18 Dicembre 2017



HSBC says asset hungry Chinese businesses are lining up to invest in Australian agriculture because of food production quality and tariff reductions under the free trade agreement between the two countries. The global banking giant is expanding its operations in Australia to play a much bigger role in the sector and to strengthen its connection to China and other key markets. It also wants to tap into the trend for big Australian producers to value-add through brand development and forging direct ties with overseas customers. HSBC said there were foreign investment opportunities across agriculture's vast supply chains as well as in export-focused businesses. A number of Asian and Chinese corporates are looking at Australia and looking to invest in this market either in their own right or in partnership with other corporates. Chinese customers also see value in direct ties with producers and exporters as consumer demand for wool, beef, wine and fruit and vegetables expands. Free trade agreements had created opportunities in China and other Asian markets with a rapidly growing middle classes to increase the size and value of exports. HSBC expects the trend of consolidation in Australian farming to continue and for big producers to bypass aggregation businesses to deal directly with overseas customers. (ICE SYDNEY)