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8 Febbraio 2018



According to Lawrence Wong from the Ministry of National Development, the anticipation for this year’s budget aims to increase firms’ “corporate-level innovation and transformation.” In the Budget 2018, it will be focusing on expanding businesses’ capabilities and enhancing Singapore’s trade relations. For example, Esco Group, which was previously entered on laboratory and biological safety equipment, has recently diverse into the lifescience sector with the help of government schemes. Moreover, together with Esco Ventures as their investment partner, they had begun investing in biomedical start-ups. One of the government aids includes the Capability Development Grant, which boost firms in building capabilities in aspect such as product research and development, as well as business transformation. Therefore, companies are better able to develop their designs and have deeper manufacturing capabilities to meet with new opportunities. “Budget 2018 will continue with efforts to build deep capabilities in our firms and people, and forge stronger partnerships at all levels.” – Minister for National Development, Lawrence Wong. (ICE SINGAPORE)