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8 Febbraio 2018



A research and development hub in Buona Vista that will be designated as Singapore's first drone estate aims to provide companies and research institutions with an urban environment for test-bedding innovative unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This will help the growth of high-tech companies with unmanned aircraft capabilities and spur commercial partnerships, said Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan yesterday. As Singapore has limited airspace, the risk tolerance is low when it comes to UAS operations, nonetheless, the Government does not want to miss out on the benefits of UAS and is actively facilitating the use of UAS by both the private and public sectors. Several companies, such as Airbus, ST Aerospace and Nanyang Technological University's Air Traffic Management Research Institute, have come on board as "pioneer users of the one-north drone estate". As a pool of competent aviation professionals is the most important factor to ensure that the aviation sector can continue to grow and cope with disruptions that may occur, under a new Singapore-ICAO Programme for Young Aviation Professionals, 40 scholarships and 600 fellowships will be offered to young aviation professionals over the next five years. In total, the programme will provide $6 million in training assistance. Singapore is a strong believer and supporter of this initiative, he added, as Mr Khaw announced the launch of the new scheme. (ICE SINGAPORE)