News dalla rete ITA

8 Febbraio 2018



Ethiopian Airlines announced that it has launched a direct freighter flight from Bahir Dar to Europe mainly dedicated to horticulture freighters. The Airlines has made its first ever flight on January 24 carrying 45 tons of flowers to Belgium Liege, one of the largest Ethiopian flower importer destinations. In a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald the Airlines stated that it has been playing due role to support the national economy with the massive availability of connections across the country and the world. Speaking about the new service, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said that Ethiopian now flies to 21 domestic points with multiple frequencies enabling economic integration between and among regions. As to him, the Airlines has marked another milestone in the history of Cargo and Logistics Services by starting direct freighter service dedicated to flower with the aim of delivering the best flower produces of the country to end users fresh and timely. The new daily freighter flight would enable the country to transport 130 tons of fresh flower products to Europe mainly to Belgium, Liege and Brussels cities, he noted. "As always, Ethiopian has positioned itself as the major catalyst for the movement of these products from the country to the world via its rich global network" he said. The flight is a showcase that Ethiopian will also launch similar services from other flower producing regional states to the world, he told. Accordingly, it has also planned to launch similar freighter services from other flower producing regional states such as Hawassa and others, he disclosed. The airlines would continue to advance its global cargo service so as to support the national endeavor to produce and supply market oriented horticultural products, he stressed. With Ethiopian's more than 20 domestic destinations, travelers can now accomplish their business issues within hours and get back home soon, he expressed. In its seventy plus years of operation, Ethiopian has become one of the continent's leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success, the CEO noted. Ethiopian commands the lion's share of the pan-African passenger and cargo network operating cargo destinations across five continents. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)