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8 Marzo 2018



 Jakarta Research and Public Policy (JRPP) supported Jakarta Government to affirm the regulation of illegal minimarket in Jakarta. JRPP executive director Muhamad Alipudin said unregistered minimarket inflicts financial lose to Jakarta government on potential tax.“We support Jakarta government to regulate all minimarkets in order,” said Alipudin, Thursday, February 28.Based on the Regional Regulation (Perda), No. 2/2002 on Private Market, the existence of minimarket in Jakarta has violated the rules.“A revision on Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2002 has done, in which stipulates a distance of minimarket to public market must be of 400 meters. So far, lots of minimarkets built near public market, it’ll shut down public entrepreneurs,” he said.Alipudin hoped the revision to be soon ratified. "The revision of Regional Regulation No. 2/2002 should be enacted in a short time, and Jakarta Provincial Government will regulate the minimarket place within the next 3 months," he said. (ICE GIACARTA)