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9 Marzo 2018

Birmania - Thailandia


The Myanmar daily minimum wage has been set at K4,800, which is a rise of 33 percent from the K3,600 workers were drawing previously. The change was announced by the National Committee for the Minimum Wage on Monday. The change comes after months of negotiations between business owners and workers unions. Before the current wage of K4,800 was agreed upon, businesses had lobbied for the minimum wage to be K4,000, while workers said they needed at least K5,600 to cover their daily living expenses. Despite the higher costs involved, some businesses see positive changes as a result of the higher wages. Daw Htay Htay, who runs a small local garment factory, said her workers have now become more responsive and responsible at their jobs. The labour-intensive garment industry is among those most heavily affected by the hike in daily minimum wages.Founder of Genius Coffee, a local business employing 80 permanent and 40 seasonal workers, acknowledged that at K3,600 previously, was insufficient for most of his workforce.Despite the increase, daily minimum wages in Myanmar remains the lowest compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, even falling behind Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (ICE BANGKOK)