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12 Luglio 2018



Dr Kwabena Adjei, the group chairman of Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL) at meeting on the company's premises in Accra, encouraged Ghanaians business owners to start making cautious efforts to grow their businesses which will help them compete with the multinationals in the country. According to him, through the creation of resilient and robust system, business owners will be able to address weak link and financial leakages that impacted negatively on the progress off their businesses. He added that it takes discipline and commitment to grow a Ghanaian business to compete with multinationals. He stated that businesses need to deploy the right business practices to grow and support the country's economy by creating jobs. He advised business owners to strive for business excellence and not to relent on efforts to grow their businesses and this will be a way to compete with multinationals in the country.The managing director of KCL, Mr. Richard Adjei also added that in an era where business growth is directly linked to customer satisfaction, being able to meet and exceed the needs of a company’s client  through excellent customer service is very crucial to the survival of the business and it is required that the company in question identifies and familiarizes itself with the basic desires of the customer whose interest fuelled the growth of the business. (ICE ACCRA)

Fonte notizia: Daily Graphic, Ghana