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3 Settembre 2018

Corea del Nord - Corea del Sud


North Korea plans to hold a variety of international events in Pyongyang this month to extend its festive mood for the 70th anniversary of the regime's founding which falls Sept. 9.According to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Tour (DPRKT), Sunday, the country plans to hold a four-day-long international exhibition beginning Sept. 17. The event is aimed at promoting the regime's info-tech products ― featuring electronics and others ― worldwide."The products will help tighten the North's economic partnerships with overseas countries," the DPRKT said on its website.The events will begin about a week after the 70th anniversary of the regime's founding, one of the North's largest annual events. For this year, reports said that Chinese President Xi Jinping may visit Pyongyang to commemorate the foundation and meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.In academics, the North will hold an international science seminar for three days starting Sept. 26 at Kim Il-sung University under the theme, "Science development and the improvement of human welfare."Kim Chaek University of Technology, North Korea's most renowned technology institute, will also hold a global debate forum for four days from Sept. 18 in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of its founding. (ICE SEOUL)

Fonte notizia: Korea Times