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10 Settembre 2018

Birmania - Thailandia


According to U Win Khaing, Union Minister of the MOEE, it has been issued a Notice to Proceed for the Shweli-3 hydropower project on the Shweli River, near Moemeik town in northern Shan State.The notice was signed between the MOEE and officials from France-based Électricité de France S.A (EDF), Marubeni Corporation and Myanmar Ayeyar Hinthar Company.The development signifies that the government is prepared to allow the private sector to participate in the business of generating electricity.Negotiations will still have to be carried out to acquire approvals from the respective government organisations.The energy project was given the green light in accordance with the Paris Agreement and is necessary to promote cooperation between the government and foreign investors.The Shweli-3 project is also part of an important strategy to bring electricity to the rural areas of the country and it will certainly help to improve social welfare and economic development, said U Win Khaing. (ICE BANGKOK)

Fonte notizia: The Myanmar Times