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13 Dicembre 2018



The average change in the prices of goods and services, measured by inflation, had declined to 9.3 per cent in November , the lowest in six years. The year-on-year figure for November was also lower than the 9.5 per cent rate recorded for October this year. The decline in the November rate was influenced by  declines in both the food and non-food inflation baskets.  The inflation in the food basket declined from 8.9 per cent in October to 8.6 per cent in November, the non-food inflation rate decreased to 9.7 per cent in November from 9.8 per cent in October.  Annual inflation rate for imported items remained the same at 11.1 per cent for November, that of locally produced goods declined from 8.8 per cent in October to 8.6 per cent in November. (ICE ACCRA)

Fonte notizia:, Ghana