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17 Febbraio 2019



The textile industry of Turkmenistan will soon be fully processing the entire cotton crop grown in the country.As noted during government session of the Turkmenistan, the decision to develop the textile industry by complete processing of local cotton fiber of the country was taken at the first meeting of the People’s Council.In this regard, during the meeting of the government, the importance of using the best international experience in this field was emphasized.Turkmenistan, during the USSR, annually produced more than one million tons of cotton of the most valuable, fine-fiber varieties. At the same time, there were capacities in the republic for processing not more than five percent of the valuable textile raw materials produced.During the years of independence, a powerful full-cycle textile industry has been created in the country, from the processing of cotton into cotton fiber to the production of high-quality ready-made textile industry.As a result, the amount of cotton fiber sold in the foreign market sharply decreased, and the volume of sales of Turkmen textile products increased.In this connection, the Ministry of Construction of Turkmenistan Announced two International Tenders to select constructors of new cotton processing plants in Turkmenitsan.  (ICE ISTANBUL)

Fonte notizia: Ministry of Textile of Turkmenistan