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10 Marzo 2019

Cisgiordania/Striscia di Gaza - Giordania


the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute, (MAS) held a roundtable discussion to discuss a background paper entitled: "Regulating and Improving the Competitiveness of the Stone & Marble Industry: Challenges and Required Interventions", with representatives from the public and private sectors as well as experts from the industry in attendance. The session is part of a series of MAS Roundtables that discuss priority issues for national socioeconomic policymaking. Dr. Belal Falah, MAS Research Director, and Mr. Maher Ihsheish,CEO of the Union of Stone and Marble Industry in Palestine, prepared the background paper, which outlined the industry's economic importance and challenges, namely poor regulation and the ensuing negative impact on natural resources and the environment. Dr. Falah noted that in 2017 the exports of the sector exceeded USD 200 million (or 20% of total exports), with Israel being the major destination. The sector's employment share is also significant, he added, with the Union of Stone and Marble estimating the employment figure at 20,000. Nevertheless, he observed, the industry has to struggle with major challenges that weaken its competitiveness, the most impeding being the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities: the absence of governmental intervention; lack of geological maps specifying sites suitable for quarrying; and lack of management, planning and marketing skills in the industry. The first discussant, the economist Samir Hulileh, said that Palestine is one of the best among Arab countries in utilizing their stone resources. He pointed out that the quality of the technology used in the quarries has improved over the last decade, which has contributed to the increasing competitiveness of the sector in international markets. (ICE AMMAN)

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