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14 Marzo 2019



Endeavor- Jordan based in Jordan has opened the door to leading Jordanian and region companies to meet many investors from different countries around the world to enhance networking and networking opportunities. In this meeting between investors and leading companies in the “Dile Makers” event participated 15 countries around the world. The event, which was held under the exclusive patronage of Arab Bank, aims to strengthen between investors and actives to Maxime investment potential in emerging companies and fast-growing companies in the Arab world and Jordan in particular. The event was attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology and at the presence of the President Endeavor worldwide, witnessed the presence of several accelerates, business incubators and key player in the entrepreneurial and investment environment from Jordan and the region. Investors from around the world exceed 75 investors from 45 companies, 25 investors with the official presence of the Saudi Investment Authority in addition to 90 leaders from 74 start-up companies. Participating countries from out side Jordan were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Britain, United States, Argentina, Lebanon. United Arab Emirates, Palestine, India, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Qatar and Austria. The program included a momentum of workshops for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and the importance of the role of investors in accelerating the growth of companies and opening offered by the Jordan Fund for Entrepreneurship, Saudi Jordan Investment Fund.   (ICE AMMAN)

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