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18 Marzo 2019



The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (TCCIA) is set to award stakeholderswho have done tremendous and extraordinary work that contributed to thegrowth of the agricultural sector last year.The special awards will be the first of its kind in Tanzania and will have 40categories to be competed for by looking at various issues ranging frominnovation, quality and dedication towards the sector. In an interview withjournalists, the TCCIA director Fatimah Hamis stated the awards will identifyindividuals and companies who have brought positive change to the societyas well as selling Tanzania as the best destination for agriculture. She saidthe awards will be a catalyst towards bringing more people into the sector aswell as empowering those already in the sector to do more.She added that there are a lot of achievements in the sector that if wellutilized can be of great importance to the industrialization drive that thecountry is focusing on currently so as to achieve a mid-income status by2025. According to her, various products being produced can be used as rawmaterials for industries growth in the country.She justified the reason for the 40 categories stating that when someonedoes better in one sector, another one does the opposite, but is offeredanother chance in the other categories. The decision on who will win will bedetermined by a group of agriculture experts from the Ministry of Agricultureand Livestock and judges whose identities will be announced in due course.The awards will start on March 6th and end on March 27th whereby farmers,agriculture companies and other stakeholders are called upon to pick upparticipation forms from the TCCIA offices or on various social media.TCCIA was established in 1988 with the support of the Tanzaniangovernment to strengthen the private sector thus an important step inmoving on from a centralized, planned economy to a more open fixedeconomy giving full scope to privately owned enterprises and firms.Agriculture is the leading sector in contributing to Tanzania's GDP with 30per cent contribution in 2017 and source of employment to over 70 per centof the population. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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