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19 Marzo 2019



The Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT)( will impose new fees on local plastic importers, namely, licence fee, verification fee and charges on each tonne of imported plastic within a month from now. Speaking to reporters after a public briefing on import of plastic held today, its Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the fees to be imposed would contribute to the country’s income. “The plastic industry has huge potentials, but all this while, the companies have been importing plastic into the country without paying any fees or taxes. The companies are only required to pay when applying for a licence from local authorities (PBTs). They don’t even have to pay any import taxes,” she said. Apart from paying fees, the KPKT through the PBT and the state governments would ensure that the plastic importing companies did not bring in dirty and unauthorised plastic waste that would give negative perception that the government approved the import of dirty plastic, she said. “Only quality plastic are allowed for import, but there are irresponsible parties who make false declarations when filling out the Royal Malaysian Customs form, stating the dirty plastic as clean, so enforcement and inspection will be improved,” she said. Zuraida said the state governments and local authorities would also impose higher fines against the illegal plastic factories as well as the landowners for allowing such plants to use their land as dumping sites. “The KPKT will ensure that higher fines will be imposed after this,” she said. Commenting on a public briefing session held earlier, she said it was aimed at correcting the perception that KPKT approved the import of dirty plastic. “What KPKT has approved is the import of clean plastic that can be processed and then exported overseas to companies producing various consumer goods,” she said (ICE KUALA LUMPUR)

Fonte notizia: Kuala Lumpur, 19.03.2019