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24 Aprile 2019



The receptive tourism shows clear signs of recovery, even in January last grew 25% year on year and in this context the hotel companies raise projects to take advantage of the good news. Such is the case of the Howard Johnson chain that announced an investment of US $ 40 million to be executed in the next 2 years and that will include the construction of 7 new hotels.The Director for Argentina, in making the announcement, also considered that tourism is a permanent generator of employment but, even more, "it is an export product" because the US currency "is generated abroad, but it is spent here. " The businessman listed that the new hotels will be located in San Rafael (Mendoza), Resistencia (Chaco), and also in Dolores, Tandil, Lobos, La Plata and Zárate, all of them in the province of Buenos Aires. A new hotel is also planned in Asunción del Paraguay, which along with seven others will be added to the existing 43 of the chain in Argentina.Tourism is the only sector in Argentina that has grown an average of 3% consecutively during the last 20 years. For example, only Howard Johnson (a member of the Wyndham group), today generates some 2,500 jobs directly and another 2,000 indirectly, and that has invested in the last 20 years about 250 million dollars, to which will be added another 40 million in the next 24 months, with the construction of hotels.The Wydham group plans to develop in Argentina another of its brands, Wyndham Garden, which is focused on a middle class segment of the population, with more sustainable characteristics and which would be located in Ushuaia. Currently, the chain has six brands in Argentina: Wyndham, Howard Johnson, (the most widespread), Days Inn, Dazzler, Ramada and Esplendor. (ICE BUENOS AIRES)

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