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30 Aprile 2019


NEPAL GOVERNMENT AND WORLD BANK INK pact to scale up renewable energy sector

According to the press, the Nepal government and the World Bank have signed an agreement to scale up renewable energy options in selected regions of Nepal in partnership with private sector. According to the analysts, a total of €15.45 million will be spent during four-year period under the private sector-led Mini-Grid Energy Access Project, of which the World Bank will finance total of €6.8 million through its Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), comprising grant of €5.61 million and soft loan of € 1.7million. The government will contribute subsidy of €5.3 million and the remaining €3.2 million will be contributed by the private sector. Encouraging the participation of the private sector, this project motivates a business approach to improve energy access while supporting the government’s efforts to provide clean and efficient energy options to rural communities of Nepal. (ICE NEW DELHI)

Fonte notizia: The Himalyan Times